Vita-Mix Corporation has produced high performance blenders in the United States since 1937 when founder W.G. Barnard introduced the machine to the modern&nbsphome.

Since that time Vita-Mix has revolutionised what could be done in a blender. You’ll find the blender featuring as standard equipment in many restaurant chains, professional kitchens and blended juice stores around the world.

The Vita-Mix will open your mind and senses to a world of sumptuous flavours and tantalising textures, sure to make your taste buds explode.

The majority of fruits, vegetables and whole grains are contained in the discarded peel, pulp and seeds, or are locked inside the cell walls, so your body can&amprsquot digest them.

But with the Vita-Mix, you can unlock the nutrients contained in whole foods, which means you will be guaranteed the freshest and healthiest foods and beverages that the whole family can enjoy.

Whole food meals made in the Vita-Mix machine can give you the nutritional ammunition to make you look better, feel better and have a lot more time to enjoy life!

This amazing machine performs over 50 different culinary jobs quickly and with ease, and can replace 10 kitchen appliances.

The Vita-Mix is the essential tool for your kitchen this super-healthy time-saver is your answer to nutritious and well-balanced eating and drinking.
The Vita-Mix provides you with an endless variety of all-natural whole food treats:
Make juice like never before: with Vita-Mix whole food juice, you get all the flavour, nutrition and fibre in a naturally sweet and creamy-smooth juice.

Cook steaming hot soup without a stove: this is simple science that&amprsquos simply amazing! The Vita-Mix blades create friction heat that transforms fresh vegetables into steaming hot soup in around 7 minutes.

Make yummy homemade ice-cream in 30 seconds: this is the most amazing dessert you will make with your Vita-Mix machine. Vita-Mix blade action crushes and cuts up frozen fruit to create a larger frozen surface that refreezes itself into a smooth and scrumptious soft-serve frozen treat- that&amprsquos good for you!

Blending like never before: whether you&amprsquore making rich, creamy smoothies, emulsifying tangy salad dressings, mixing drinks or blending butters, the Vita-Mix can blend at variable speeds, promising consistent results every time.

Perfect purees: from mix to mouth, you can easily prepare homemade baby foods, promising 100% nutrition for your family.

Chopping- a chore no more: the Vita-Mix machine makes short work of once-tedious tasks like dry-chopping carrots, olives, onions, eggs and cheese. Coarse or fine, simply adjust the variable speed dial to suit your needs. Dice, chop or blend ingredients into healthy salsas and dips.

Grinding grains and more: you can grind fresh flour and capture the nutrients in whole grains. The Dry Food Jug (optional accessory) is best suited to this task.

Kneading so you never need to touch the dough: once you&amprsquove got your fresh flour, simply add the other ingredients. The dough quickly mixes and a fast pulsating action forms a ball of dough that&amprsquos ready to rise

1. Patented, 2-Piece, Spill-Proof Vented Lid.

Pop-on/pop-off lid with super-secure seal prevents messy accidents whether making hot or cold recipes. Removable lid plug lets you add ingredients while processing and serves as entry for the tamper. Vented lid accommodates expansion and contraction from both hot and cold ingredients.

2. 2 Litre “Wet Jug” Container Calibrated With Ounces, Cups And Metric Measurements.

New technology has made available a see-through, high-impact, chemically stable Tritan Copolyester container that lives up to the Vita-Mix name. This is the same space-age material used to manufacture windshields for jet airplanes. The unique, square-bottomed container design gives the ultimate in performance. Instead of the merry-go-round action of most food processors and blenders, the ingenious TNC design efficiently drives food materials into the blades. After all, if the food doesn’t reach the blades, how effectively can that appliance liberate the nutrients sealed within the food cells? Remember too, no other appliance can process as little as 100ml and as much as 2L – all without attachments! So whether you want a 60-second health smoothie for yourself or need fresh, piping hot Broccoli Cheese soup for six within minutes, you can do it all and know the results will be perfect every time.

3. Never-Sharpen, Hardened Stainless Steel Blades.

We started with the best features from both Hammermill flat blades and sharp blades, then combined them into the newest high-performance, extra-long life stainless steel TNC blades. The wet blades are configured to optimize liquids and provide the ultimate performance without the need for reverse action.

4. Self-Aligning Coupling.

This is the drive function of the TNC – so powerful and durable it can even grind pine blocks into sawdust (destruct test – do not try this at home)! It’s self-aligning to assure a secure fit for the container. Long-lasting, too – more than three times the life of ordinary sleeve bearings.

5. Variable Speed Control Dial.

This unique, new technology enables the TNC to handle 35 food processes without attachments. It chops, grinds, whips, blends, cooks, stirs, purees, etc. Operates on a “feedback-type” control. It won’t stall at very low speeds like other machines-even down to 1,000 RPM’s!

6. Super-Powerful, Commercial-Duty Motor With Self-Cooling Fan.

The TNC has the most powerful household kitchen appliance motor ever – up to 37,000 RPM’s! (2 HP, 750 watts.) You would be hard-pressed to destroy one of these. A TNC has a thermal protector in the motor coil which automatically turns the motor off in the event of heat build up, preventing accidental damage to the TNC motor. By the time a standard appliance circuit breaker shuts off, overheating could damage the motor.

7. Easy-Clean Motor Base With Protective Feet.

Made from heavy-duty, wear-resistant, fire-retardant ABS plastic and thermal-set polyester. Unlike cheaper plastics that become brittle or distort over time, this long-life, durable plastic will remain attractive through years of use. The protective feet secure your TNC and safeguard your countertops!

8. Tamper.

Patented tamper design with its larger end makes it easier to push items into the blades when necessary and prevents splashing and air bubbles. It’s a great feature for recipes such as nut butters – it enables you to puree food without adding liquid.

9. Safety 3-Prong Cord With Cord-Wrap Feature.

This 3-wire, grounded cord extends from 450mm to as much as 1.3m. Hide-away feature keeps unused cord out of the way for safety and eliminates a cluttered countertop.