Victorinox are the original creators of the swiss army knife. Since its beginning in 1897 Victorinox pocket knives are a recognised brand in more than 100 countries.

Precision quality and functionality are the hallmarks of any Victorinox swiss army knife.

Welcome to the world of the Officer’s knife. This is where the legend of the Swiss Army Knife began. And it continues today with the Explorer pocket knife. This pocket knife was built to help you figure things out. Its 16 functions include the tools you need to take just about anything apart and put it back together, and a magnifying glass so you can get a closer look in between.


Victorinox Explorer Red Swiss Army Knife Features:

Large blade
Small blade
Can opener
Small screwdriver 3 mm
cap lifter with screwdriver 6 mm
Wire stripper
Reamer, punch
Key ring
Multi-purpose hook
Phillips screwdriver
Magnifying glass
Lifetime Warranty