If you need a heavy-duty, large 8 inch tortilla press, a Tortilla Press of Cast Iron should be the first product that you should look into. Made entirely out of cast iron, the quality of the tortilla press is impeccably durable, as well as delivering a completely flattened tortilla with every press. No more pressing down on your tortilla press multiple times for just one tortilla! The weight of the cast iron will do more than enough to turn your round ball of dough into a fresh, round tortilla.

Create a delicious Mexican dinner tonight with this Tortilla Press of Cast Iron. With just some wax paper, some dough, and your own strength, you can create magnificent tortillas that will look and taste great. If you use wax paper over top of the tortilla press, cleaning it is easy: just remove the wax paper and wipe it off, and you’re good to go for another night next week. Try one of these Tortilla Presses of Cast Iron tonight, and enjoy the deliciousness of tortillas in the comforts of your own kitchen.

Made in Mexico.