PYREX ware is the original heat resistant ovenware and most trusted name for generations of home cooks.

PYREX evolved from research undertaken by Corning early this century to develop heat and cold resistant railway signal lanterns. The Corning scientist, who developed this heat and cold resistant glass, thought it may also have application in the kitchen. The story goes that he took home a specially shaped piece for his wife to try in the oven to bake a cake, and the rest is history.

Apart from use in the oven, PYREX is also ideal for the microwave and can go from the freezer to a preheated oven without fear of breakage. It has a two year warranty against breakage from oven heat.
PYREX is available in a comprehensive range of food preparation, overware, serveware and storage ware.


Heat-Resistant Glass

A multi-functional utility vessel, its heat-resistant quality allows ease of use for any modern homeowner: from the freezer, to microwave oven to dishwasher.

Smooth Nonporous Surfaces

Its nonporous surface does not stain or retain food colours, making washing a breeze.

2-Year Warranty

Free replacement of any PYREX that breaks from oven heat within two years from date of purchase.