The Nuance Wine Finer is the ultimate solution for the wine lover who refuses to compromise on taste and who needs to serve wine elegantly and without delay.
At first glance, the Nuance Wine Finer is a stylish black pourer with a polished oval top. Aeration. Filtration. Drip stop. Close-fitting lid. Four practical functions in one stylish and yet discrete pourer, which protrudes only a few centimetres from the neck of the wine bottle. Hidden inside the bottle is a 12 cm pipe which makes it possible to decant a whole bottle of wine in less than a minute &ampndash while you pour the wine into the glasses. Inside the pipe there are two stainless steel filters that efficiently remove sediment, cork and tartaric acid. As you pour, there is a bubbling noise from the bottle as the Wine Finer draws the aerated wine through 32 small holes. Take a closer look and you will see thousands of tiny air bubbles streaming out of the end of the Wine Finer.

If you compare the taste of the same wine poured with and without the Nuance Wine Finer, the difference is striking. Any wine gains from being aerated and filtered. The connoisseur avoids sediment, the wine &ampldquoopens up&amprdquo, releasing more rounded aromas and flavours