Professional Sharpener (KE-3000) The Nirey KE-3000 Professional Sharpener is designed for recreational and semi-commercial use.

The Nirey KE-3000 Professional Electric Knife Sharpening Machine has been introduced to bridge the gap between the domestic model, KE-198. It is not designed for continuous commercial use. The typical customer profile would be a recreational hunter or fisherman, professional chef or simply a private individual, maybe a keen amateur chef, who wishes to achieve the ultimate cutting edge.
Why buy a Nirey Knife Sharpener? | Knife Sharpening Machines Just as important as the knife you choose, is the method of sharpening. ALL KNIVES will blunt. Even so called ‘Stay Sharp Forever’ knives.

The hardness of the steel determines the length of time before it becomes dull.
Whether you are a keen amateur, professional knife user or based in a commercial establishment with high grade chef knives, Nirey Knife Sharpeners have the machine to suit your need and budget.

Nirey Electric Knife Sharpening Machines use aluminium-oxide abrasives. Aluminium-oxide is extremely hard for long lasting qualities. Even more important, it cuts cold meaning that little heat is generated when in contact with the knife steel. Less expensive silica based abrasives create considerable friction heat – with the danger of reaching temperatures that could de-temper the knife steel.