4. Next, place the knife blade vertically into groove No.2 MEDIUM with Brown wheel and remove the blade back and forth with slight pressure 15 or 20 times, or as necessary.

5. Next, place the knife blade vertically into No3 FINE with Yellow wheel, and move the blade back and forth with SLIGHT PRESSURE 15 or 20 times.
It is very important not to apply too much pressure when passing the knife through the sharpener, as doing so may damage the wheels.
6. When sharpening is complate, please hand wash knife in hot water and carefully dry with a dry towel or other cloth before use.
This sharpener consists of Three ceramic wheels:- No.1 Blue ceramic wheel is COARSE, No.2 Brown ceramic wheel is MEDIUM, and No3. Yellow ceramic wheel is FINE and completes sharpening process. Due to the fact that the sharpening groove and the ceramic wheel are not parallel, the oblique angle of the ceramic wheel is able to restore the razor sharpness of the knife.
7. MIinoSharp PLUS 3 sharpeners have been tested and approved by CATRA, the foremost authority on knife sharpening techniques, based in Sheffield, England.
The number of strokes required will depend on the type and condition of the knife, but we would recommend:-
a) For GLOBAL knives 15 – 20 strokes on the wheels.
b) For other brands first try 20 strokes on the wheels.
If still not sharp enough, please repeat with another 20 strokes on each wheel.

Please note.
Only light pressure should be applied to the knife during the sharpening process. Excessive pressure on the knife may cause damage to the wheels.