As it’s name suggests, the Classic Everyday is an all-purpose food drier designed specifically for use every day &ampndash compact enough to sit conveniently in a corner of the kitchen.

The Classic comes with a preset temperature of 55&ordmC average, and is capable up to 10 trays overnight, making it perfect for someone starting out in dehydrating. With the Classic, you can make sure there&amprsquos always something tasty for morning tea, the lunch box or school bag.

The fixed temperature of the Classic is great for making fruit rollups, or dehydrating your vegies for enhancing the flavour of your soups &amp pastas, however if you are looking to also dry meats, herbs &amp flowers then either the&nbspsnackmaker or the&nbspultra is the dehydrator for you. Both of these have variable temperature control allowing you to dry a larger variety of produce.

The Classic Everyday comes complete with

4 trays, 1 solid sheet, 1 mesh sheet &amp 1 detailed instruction/recipe book.

Preset temperature control at 55&ordmC average and a capable 500W element.

The capability of drying up to 10 trays of produce or 6 trays of pureed fruit (for rollups) at once.

With an average drying time of 8-12 hours, the unit can be left overnight to produce trays of tasty snacks.

The unique airflow pattern of Ezidri which means no tray rotation and fast, even drying.