Oven – use for roasting meats and vegetables, pastry, cakes, frozen foods. Use on a rack in your oven when cooking casseroles, should they boil over, just wash the sheet, saves cleaning the spill from the bottom of your oven.

Microwave – cut to size and place on the carousel. Should any spills occur, just wash the sheet and place back into the microwave for next time.

– If you are grilling steaks or chops etc. Place the sheet in the grill tray or directly onto the rack and continue to cook as normal. Clean up is easy!

BBQ – Just place your BBQ sheet (or cooking sheet if you only have a small amount of food to cook) on the BBQ and cook as usual – no more scrubbing the BBQ plate. If you are travelling or using a public BBQ, you can avoid using a dirty BBQ by placing your BBQ on the plate and cooking your food in safety. Just roll up and take home for an easy clean up.
Remember, never let your BBQ sheet come in contact with an open flame.

Health Grill/Sandwich Maker – by cutting the Magic Sheet to size and placing half on the bottom of the health grill or sandwich maker, you can reduce the cleaning time of your appliance.

The Magic cooking and BBQ sheets have been used in Europe for many years and are totally safe to use and contain no harmful chemicals. They should be used in normal cooking conditions and not above 260&degc and should not be allowed to come in contact with an open flame.

By using the Magic cooking and BBQ sheets you need never be worried about cooking with marinates, such as those containing honey, as your pans and BBQ’s remain clean – all you need to do is wipe the sheet with a paper towel and wash in hot soapy water, dry and roll back into its original packaging. Do not fold the cooking sheet. Keep sharp knives away from the sheet – once the sheet has been pierced by a sharp object, further use is not recommended.