Use them in pies, tarts, flans, exotic Tarte Tatins, fresh fruit salads or just eat them freshly picked – apples must be the one of the most versatile fruits we have.

If you and your family enjoy apples but are put off by having to peel, core or slice them, our Apple Preparer was invented for you.

Just attach the apple to the stainless steel prongs, turn the handle and your apple is peeled, neatly sliced and efficiently cored in seconds. What better way is there to encourage your kids to enjoy an apple a day?

Our Apple Preparer has a strong robust body of enamelled steel with an easy-release, vacuum suction foot base, which holds it firmly and safely on the worksurface.

The cutters and moving parts are machined from stainless steel.

The apple, either a dessert or cooking apple, is attached to the stainless steel prongs and the handle slowly rotated.

The peeling cutter removes a thin sliver of peel as the handle is turned.

As the handle is turned, the apple passes through the coring ring so that the core is left behind, attached to the prongs.

The slicing blade then automatically slices the apple into an attractive apple spiral, as the handle continues to be turned.

Finally, the spiral can be removed to leave behind the core, still attached to the prongs.

The Apple Preparer can be used for preparing apples for use in apple pies, chunky style apple sauce and for freezing or dehydrating, if you have an abundance of apples. A Tarte Tatin made using whole spirals of apples, rather than apple segments is very unusual.

The Apple Preparer can also be adjusted for slicing and coring without peeling.

This is particularly useful if you are making a fresh fruit salad from attractive dessert apples, where the skin is left on.

And it is also possible to peel without coring and slicing – great if you want to do baked apples and the skins are badly blemished.

Potatoes can also be peeled, provided they are reasonably even in shape.